Five String Electric Violin Demo Videos

Two Sycoraxes played through PA speakers

Here I’m playing a duet with Deb Chalmers, with both of us using a Violorama Sycorax five string electric violin. This was part of an unrehearsed jam session, and the tune is “Cleveland Park” by Ivan Drever.

Electric indie folk duo

Here the electric violin is played through a small speaker which was then recorded through a microphone.

Long Low Light

Most of this song uses the direct basic sound of the electric violin, but in a small section in the middle (starting around 2 min 55s) I use the Riddle Qballs pedal.

Rags and Questions

This song uses a phaser (EHX Polyphase) on the electric violin all the way through.

Other Demos

Sycorax vs. Bridge Violin

This demo video is a direct comparison between a Bridge four string electric violin and the Sycorax. The basic raw sound was used for each instrument. As you’ll hear, the Sycorax has a more complex, natural sound, whereas the Bridge is more one dimensional.

Sycorax effects demo

More demos with the Riddle Qballs and EHX Polyphase pedals.