About this site

This electric violin mini-site was made by Helen Bell.

I'm a violist and violinist, and, as of fairly recently, an electric violinist.

I started out playing acoustically, but as I started playing in louder bands, it was not feasible to play an amplified acoustic violin due to feedback issues.

However, I found electric violins to be unpleasant to play due to their rigidity, unnatural-feeling response under the bow, and unsatisfactory sound quality.

Fortunately my partner is a luthier and engineer, and he realised that I probably wasn't the only person who was in this situation, and built and instrument that solved this problem. (This might make it sound like it was simple process -- it absolutely wasn't! The R&D and prototyping took several years and a lot of swearing...)

You can see some of the other things I do on my main website.